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Postby gardiol » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:47 am

Hi all!

After a few days of intense testing i feel ready to release Track@Way 1.2.4. This will be the "Christmas" Release, since it should be the last one before the end of 2011. As you might now, Track@Way 1 will go into bugfix mode only in 2012, i will be working actively on Track@Way 2.0 featuring some great news like OpenStreetMap/OpenCycleMap support, waypoint draggability, tracks storage. But this will come later on in 2012.

At the moment, here is the 1.2.4 changelog:

- fixed visualization bug making lat/lon unreadable when switching coordinate modes.

- fixed slow GPS updates on some circumstances

- Now you casn select the GPS update interval from the configuration (0: automatic, or up to 30 secs)

- Fixed random crash on sone Symbian^3 devices

Supporters will receive the updated release this morning. The website free version will be available by the end of the day on and OVI releases will follow after the usual OVI delays...

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: given the abysmal results of over six months of advertising (0,09 euros of revenues) i decided to REMOVE all advertisement from Track@Way. I never liked it anyway, so enjoy and please buy the supporter release if you like it.

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