How To Move Existing Maps Into Sets

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How To Move Existing Maps Into Sets

Postby gardiol » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:02 am

If you feel "brave" you can do the following procedure to reorganize your existing maps into sets:

1) create all the sets you need within Track@Way, then close it.

2) open your phone file browser and point it to the Track@Way data folder (e:\TrackAWay on Symbian).

3) go inside maps_cache folder

3) copy your "local_maps.dat" over the new set's "mynewset_local_maps.dat"

4) Now, be carefull here! create a subfolder called "tmp" and move _all_ the subfolders you see in it (they are named after your maps)

5) fire up Track@way (don't panic, all your maps will be red crosses! it's ok), open your nes sets and delete the maps which do not belog to them

6) close Track@Way and go back to the maps_cache folder.

7) Move back all the folders from within the "tmp" folder you created, and delete the now empty "tmp" folder.

8) Done! all your maps are now sorted.

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